Monday, 8 July 2013

Stanwell Moor - 7 July 2013

Another try for roosting birds but this time concentrating on Swallow and Sand Martin. A net was erected further in to the lake, now warming up nicely and less than a metre deep at the point of the furthest pole. The usual Starling nets were not deployed since they just haven't been catching and it's not worth having to walk round and check to keep finding the nets empty.

We started off with a new Reed Warbler then there was a bit of a lull until just before 8pm when we were very surprised ( and pleased) to find a mixed flock working through the shrubs and trees along the lake edge. We watched as the birds crossed a gap in the vegetation, counting 40+ long-tailed tits and Chiffs. Several of these managed to find the 60' net in the filter bed.

3J Chiff-chaff - one of 4 caught on the day

The net bird came from the reedbed and amazingly it was yet another control. This is the third outing in succession where one of our captures has been a control. Reed Warbler, Y386935, has been added to the 'details awaited' list and we'll have to wait to see where it originated.

View across the landing approach path towards the M25 

As the evening progressed we noted a large group of Swallows overhead and hoped that they might remain to roost. Birds drifted off and back, with numbers varying, until some finally dropped in at 9.50pm - although most were Sand Martin by this time.

Totals:    16 (2)
Sand Martin - 6
Swallow - 1
Reed Warbler - 1(1)
Chiff-chaff - 4
Long-tailed Tit - 4 (1)