Wednesday, 3 July 2013

East Blean Wood and Queen Down Warren - 30 June 2013

As with most potentially sunny and warm days when going out to see and photograph butterflies it is a question of where to go, and with emergence times often varying from site to site getting it right without knowing your target species is out at the site you head off to, it can at times be a little frustrating, but in the knowledge the Heath Fritillaries were out at East Blean Wood that is where we headed. We did not rush out and did not reach the wood until around midday. Not always the best time as the butterflies can, if very sunny and warm be very active by then, but we fortunate enough to have odd pockets of cloud covering the sun allowing the heath's to come down to rest and a few were caught nectering. By late pm and constant sunshine, they just simply were too active and we called it a day. We also picked the right clearing as we had around 40 to ourselves, and even more fortunately that afternoons Heath Fritillary photo workshop obviously had another area in mind and did not join us!

Queen Down Warren was rather exposed, as by late pm, whilst still sunny and warm, the hillside was rather wind swept, not really allowing much to remain at rest long, and only Brown Argus and Common Blue were seen, along with three species of Orchid.

Common Blue - male and female

Brown Argus

Lizard Orchid