Sunday, 7 July 2013

Stanwell Moor - 5 July 2013

A 7pm meet was arranged with EP, JHH and her dad to try to catch some of the ever swelling ranks of Starlings. We also hoped to attract some hirundines as the insects were rising on a day when temperatures reached above 25 degrees and the wind remained light.

The Starlings approached from all directions but evaded the double behind the roost area and also avoided  an extra net extending over the lake. They were often seen to drop down from directly above the chosen roost trees and despite some persistent disturbance from a couple of Sparrowhawk none were caught. The commotion did work to our advantage in some small way, in that four Reed Warbler found the net while moving away from the fidgetty Starlings. These included our first two youngsters of this season.

As the evening drew on, the distinct absence of hirundines was a disappointment. Not even the House Martins that usually frequent the lake until their home time were present or any Sand Martins. There were some Swallows but they were spooked by the Sparrowhawk shenanigans and disappeared off towards the reservoir.

As the light was failing, Josie and I checked the net and found a Swallow (ringed on the left leg) in the bottom shelf. I hoped it was a control since I didn't recall any southpaw ringers joining us for roost ringing and was very pleased to find that it was actually a case of 'Hola! I got theese reeng een Espania'. The ring HN0897 was from the Icona, Madrid scheme.We've heard that the Spanish schemes are close to collapse - really hope this is not the case and that we will receive details of when and where she (4F) was ringed in due course.

Total: 4 (3)

Swallow - 0 (1)
Reed Warbler - 4 (2)