Saturday, 13 July 2013

Purbeck area, Dorset - 11 July 2013

Today's run down to the Purbeck area of Dorset was a quest for Lulworth Skipper, potentially a little early for seeing any in great numbers as the first sightings were only last week at Lulworth Cove. First stop off was Durlston Country Park, which initially seemed low in butterfly numbers but as it warmed up more became visible, though it was obvious that the Lulworth Skippers though out and about were not in large numbers as yet, with possible 20 odd being seen, mainly males, along Small Skippers, a couple of very tatty Grizzled Skippers, an Adonis Blue, Small Heath, Large Skipper, Meadow Brown, Meadow White and a few old Common Blues.

Small Skipper

Lulworth Skipper - male

 Grizzled Skipper - very worn

There was not much sign of any migrant birds, but a few Guillemots were on the cliffs, together with a juvenile female Peregrine, a couple of Gannets and three sandwich Terns offshore and a family party of five Stonechats.

Next stop was Ballard Down for more Lulworth Skippers. Again around 20-30 were seen, along with similar species as the Country Park with two Adonis Blues, but with the addition of around seven Dark Green Fritillaries. A group of three Ravens spent most of the time flying and tumbling around the Down during the visit.

Adonis Blue

 Dark Green Fritillary

 Lulworth Skipper - male

 Golden-ringed Dragonfly

Then a final visit to Studland Heath for a few Silver-studded Blues and sighting of a single Greyling.

 Silver-studded Blue - male

 Silver-studded Blue - female