Saturday, 13 July 2013

Stanwell Moor - 10 July 2013

We arrived on site to find the wind much stronger than forecast and worse than the surrounding area. This sometimes happens at Stanwell - and we put it down to the effect of different temperatures of the air associated with the lake, motorways, reservoirs and the soil mounds. We expected it to be a poor showing and weren't wrong. As usual the Starlings were rather unsettled due to the wind and as often happens on rather windy evenings hirundines were conspicuous by their absence.

Starlings coming in to roost

The only birds caught were a couple of 3J Reed Warblers, ringed on consecutive numbers, on the 5th. They were again caught together. Ah well, look on the bright side - it won't take long to put the data in IPMR.

The lake nets

Total: 0 (2)

Reed Warbler - 0 (2)