Monday, 20 January 2014

Wraysbury GP - 17 January 2014

Today was a bit of a hit or miss attempt for Thrushes, mainly as they were present in two main areas and rain was very likely, so we went to the area nearest to walk to, which had had a number of Thrushes feeding on the floor and going between the vegetation the previous day. Birds flew off as we walked over, but despite playing the Redwing tape, whilst birds did come into the surrounding trees, it became obvious they were going to remain too high, and the birds were not inclined to drop down onto the ground. A walk on the other side of the stream found the area held more Fieldfare and Redwing, as it had done the day before, where, even when they were disturbed, the birds tended to fly from bush to bush and remain low, so this area will need another visit soon to see if it produces better results. Heavy rain set in after an hour and a half, during which we caught only two birds, albeit Thrushes, not the species we were trying to target. The rain seemed to reduce the bird activity and we packed up by midday, rather wet.

Totals: 2

Blackbird - 1
Song Thrush - 1