Sunday, 26 January 2014

Broadwater GP - 25 January 2014

A visit to the other end of the lake was full of promise for CL, DKL & EP as a lot of birds were in evidence. Four nets sited along the river were tantalisingly close to a number of birds, particularly several bands of Long-tailed Tit accompanied by birds of Chiffchaff varieties that nipped over or skirted past along hedgerows just behind the net.

It was very interesting to watch the Siberian and usual Chiffs flicking through the whippy twigs and branches above and along the river, which was a novelty in itself as it had breached one bank in places to flow into an adjacent body of water. In the event our success was limited to three Goldcrest and a Wren.

Goldcrests aged 5 and 6 - tails for comparisen

 6 Male wing - whiter and more clearly marked tips to tertials and greater coverts. The rounder primary coverts are unfortunately not too easy to see here.

5 Male wing - Tipping less defined and feathers generally less pristine.

Totals: 4

Wren - 1
Goldcrest - 3