Monday, 27 January 2014

The Ketch, Hayling Island - 26 January 2014

A 7am meet meant a 5am get up in order to make it to the south coast in time. We had an uneventful run down and the weather was really quite mild on our arrival.

There were many hands (although having just the two shovels rather slowed things up) and the four cannons and single 18m net was soon set. The birds were a little flighty, moving to alternative waterside spots and being flushed by a jogger but eventually a good number settling in the desired spot. On firing most birds took off and it became apparent that one cannon had failed to fire leaving just 3 Redshank, one adult and two juveniles, to be colour-ringed.

With so small a catch I decided to document the complete process.

Metal ring applied above the knee.

 Wing measurement taken.

 Birds aged according to plummage features - this is a 5.

 Tarsus and toe ( not including the claw).

 Bill measurement.

 Combined head and bill.

Additional measurements are taken as these can indicate race and natal origin.

 The weight is taken and recorded.

Colour rings are fitted.

Each bird is photographed just prior to release.

Totals : 3

Redshank - 3.