Friday, 17 January 2014

Beaconsfield Motorway Services - 14 January 2014

A team of five (CL,DKL,MRB,PW and Margaret) convened in the carpark to observe the Pied Wagtails at their pre-roost activities and to try for the first catch of 2014. As usual, there was an HGV parked at the back of the coach park and we were only able to put up one 60ft net on that side. We used two three panel 40s above the low hedge on the other side of the coach park and settled down to wait.
It was clear that the numbers had increased somewhat since our last attempt on December 12th with circa 200 birds loafing on the service station roof, then wandering around the tarmac. The birds had started to catch just before 5pm and a total of 29 were taken from nets. There were two retraps, both 6Ms having been ringed on 1st February 2013.

Totals : 27 (2)

Pied Wagtail - 27 (2)