Friday, 31 May 2013

Lakenheath Fen - 27 May 2013

Lakenheath Fen
We’ve been visiting this location since before it was taken over by the RSPB. On arrival we found the car park absolutely heaving as a Red-footed Falcon and Savi’s Warbler were attracting more than the usual number of visitors.
We started off at the New fen view point with up to 9 Hobbies riding the wind and hawking for Dragonflies. We spent some time there but never saw the Red-foot.  Apparently it had been about earlier in the morning but received some rough treatment from a Sparrowhawk and  was last seen heading off the reserve, putting as much distance between it and the aggressor as possible.  

Moving via the track beside the poplar plantations, (no sign of the one and only Golden Oriole) we scoured the reed beds for Dragon and Damselflies but found few in the strong, chilly wind although the Swifts  seemed to be enjoying the wind and sunshine. Bittern could be heard booming off in the distance.

Later we spent some time trying to hear and see the Savi’s Warbler. It first began to reel just after 5pm but we only knew that we’d seen it for sure, and then the glimpse was only brief, some two hours later.

We spent a lot of time watching this bush and the surrounding reeds and eventually the Savi's Warbler showed itself.