Monday, 13 May 2013

Church Norton, Pagham Harbour & Stansted Forest - 13 May 2013

It is years since we last visited this area but we managed to found our way and even found that there was more parking than when we used to go. There was no rain forecast but the wind was stronger than the previous day and dark clouds were never far away.

 Church Norton - site of a Norman fort

 Rising tide next to Church Norton

Sea Kale

 Threatening skies

 Herring Gulls

Coastal reedbed
 Looking to the right - sunlight sparkling on the sea

Looking to the left - dark clouds and sea

Sandwich Terns (distant)

There wasn't too much about, apart from some Terns (Sandwich, Common and Little) and large numbers of Dunlin shuttling back and forth along the beach as the tide came up. 

We moved on to Siddlesham Ferry end of Pagham Harbour, now an RSPB reserve?

 This female Orange Tip was photographed along the coastal path.

Shelducks, Curlew and a single Whimbrel were seen.

We seem to recall there being less vegetation and more birdlife in years passed. So we dropped in at Fishbourne then on to Stansted Forest. We went for Pearl-boardered Fritillary and were treated to an unexpected Bluebell spectacular, even 'though we found no butterflies.