Friday, 9 June 2023

Sculthorpe Moor - 9th June 2023

 Back to Sculthorpe for the third day in a row. This time accompanied by ERB & CPG to collect, ring and return Red Kite chicks. The whole operation took more than two hours with the chicks only out of the nest for about 10 minutes. Much time was taken walking to and finding the tree with the nest. It was much more difficult to locate close up than from a distance. Then CPG assessed how best to climb the tree so that he could position himself where there was no risk to the nest whilst still being able to collect the chicks. It took a while to get the initial line correctly positioned, then the actual climbing the tree took only a matter of minutes. The chicks were lowered to the ground in individual bags. Unfortunately for CPG, a trainee ringer as well as qualified tree surgeon, he didn't get to ring any of the chicks as he remained up the tree to hoist them back up after ringing and return them to the nest.

The three chicks were all ringed by ERB.

In order from oldest to youngest, eggs are laid at three day intervals and 
brooding begins with the first egg so hatching is asynchronous.

The eldest chick has shed most of its down as the feathers come through.

The process of collecting the chicks, after getting a line over a sturdy branch, a distance from the nest

Ascent using full harness 

Safety strap used for increased safety

Once to the side and slightly above the nest, the young could be
placed into bags 

and lowered to the ground

The chicks were ringed and wing measurements taken. Smallest chick measured 
184mm and the largest 235mm.

Eldest chick

The chicks are secured and hoisted back to the nest.

They are returned while the adults watch from above.

Finally CPG can descend back to earth and remove the climbing lines.


Red Kite pulli - 3