Thursday 8 June 2023

Sculthorpe Moor - 8th June 2023

 We were joined by DKH for the usual monitoring session in the beaver enclosure (confirmed breeding with 2 kits seen being carried by the adults on trail cam), later did a reconnaissance for possibility of ringing Red Kite chicks then checked the farthest Barn Owl box for signs of habitation and breeding.

The morning started slowly with cloud and a chilly breeze that strengthened throughout the morning. We also checked out a box known to contain Blue Tit pulli, however they were much too immature to be ringed yet. As we started to take down, a flock of mostly young Long-tailed tits was caught, doubling our total at a stroke.

On seeing the tree where Kites are nesting, the nest was sited half way up, at a place where the trunk splits into three large branches. It looked possible to us, but the final decision will be down to CPG, our trainee and professional tree surgeon. There appear to be 2 chicks.

The last job of the day was to check out the most distant Barn Owl box. Two adults flew from the entrance prior to the barn being entered so it seemed likely there would be chicks. On inspection there was only one and one unhatched egg. The chick was between 3 and 4 weeks old so it is unlikely that the egg will hatch now.

There was very little post-juvenile plumage emerginging, but the tail feathers within the sheath looked fairly dark with flecking. The owlet was recorded provisionally as female.

A first BAROW pullus for DKH

Returned to await the adults. With two adults to feed the one
owlet, the prospect of survival looks extremely good.

Total: 25 (8)

Barn Owl - 1 pullus between 3 and 4 weeks old

Wren - 0 (1)
Dunnock -  0 (1)
Whitethroat - 1
Willow Warbler - 1(1)
Long-tailed Tit - 13 (1)
Blue Tit - 5 (1)
Great Tit - 4 (2)
Treecreeper - 0 (1)