Friday 26 May 2023

Finland, Kuusamo - 18th May and 19th May 2023


We had another 3am meet the next day and met Mikko our guide. We started for the grouse again.

Willow Grouse, spotted by Chris

Capercaillie male at lek site

Capercaillie female

Black-throated Diver

Rustic Bunting

Taiga Bean Geese

Tengmalm's Owl

This dead tree was like a tenement block. The owls were nesting two holes up in 2022. A Goldeneye flew from next hole up just as we finished viewing.

Siberian Jay

Trying for Red-flanked Bluetail with no luck - too cold and windy on 
Valtavaara hill. No three-toed Woodpecker either.

Northern Bullfinch

Pine Grosbeak

This was a much better trip. He gave us a site for Northern Hawk Owl, but there was no possibility of Pygmy Owl in this region.

Wood Sandpiper

In the afternoon we did a short lakeside walk near the town, drove some of the roads amongst the Taiga forest finding some grouse of our own and found the Northern Hawk Owl.

Black Grouse female

Capercaillie female 

Northern Hawk Owl

Our route took us along the border with Russia

The next day was another chance to retry these sites for Red-flanked Bluetail and Three-toed Woodpecker before moving on to the bear hide.

It was a much nicer day and we heard Wryneck but still no Three-toed Woodpecker or Bluetail.