Thursday, 13 October 2016

Truss's Island, Staines - 13th October 2016

This morning was spent at Truss's Island supporting MR with his project on Mute Swans. Each swan is checked for rings after capture, marked with a metal ring if it does not already carry one, then fitted with a Darvic ring, enabling any observer to read the ring and report the bird's location.

Our team of four processed about half of the swans present at the time of our visit. Not bad since we relied on feeding to attract and catch birds, and several regular feeders also arrived during our session and a few bin bags full of bread were seen to be delivered to the birds.

One bird not colour marked as both legs already carried rings (BTO/Swan Upping).

 Fitting the metal ring

 All swans ringed at this location will have identifying codes starting 4D.

Regular feeding attracts more than just swans to Truss's Island.

Total: 15 (7)

Mute Swan - 13 (7)
Egyptian Goose - 1
Canada Goose - 1

One additional Mute Swan ring was read in the field.