Thursday, 27 October 2016

NOA Holme - 24th and 25th October

Monday 24th

We went to Holme not expecting a great deal as the weather didn't look particularly promising. On the first day, there were about 50 birds while we were there, although Sophie continued netting after we had left to go to Burnham Overy.

We were all very surprised when Sophie returned from a net round with a Pallas's Warbler. At first it was thought that the bird may have only just appeared after arriving three days before. However, there were others at other locations so this seems unlikely.

 Pallas's Warbler age 2 (ringed by DKL)

CL also ringed a new species in the form of a Rock Pipit and a second bird showed features neither fully consistent with Rock or Water Pipit. When photographed a few dislodged feathers were collected and we hope to be able to get DNA confirmation of the species.

 CLs Rock Pipit

Some photographs of the rather perplexing bird, recorded as Water Pipit, but we tend to lean towards Rock Pipit, potentially of the 'Scandinavian' race due to the amount of yellow in the bill and supercillium.


Our totals for the morning were as follows:-

Total: 51 (3)
Kingfisher - 1
Rock Pipit - 1
Water Pipit - 1
Meadow Pipit - 16
Blackbird - 2
Wren - 2 (1)
Robin - 4
Cetti's Warbler - 0 (2)
Blackcap - 4
Goldcrest - 5
Greenfinch - 4
Reed Bunting - 10

In the afternoon we went off in search of the Isabelline and Desert Wheatears - finding both across the channel and much too far away for a photograph.

 The harbour

Tuesday 25th
The next day there were a few more birds going through. There were two highlights, namely a Yellow-browed Warbler (photograph not possible) and Dusky Warbler.

Dusky Warbler

The alert went out straight away and people arrived to see it ringed. It's a shame that it was not possible for other ringers to handle the bird before release.

A second Rock/Water Pipit was ringed, although again it was completely different to those that CL and DKL have seen previously.

We left in time to drop into Titchwell where we saw another Dusky Warbler, before travelling home.