Saturday, 1 October 2016

Getterön Fågelstation, Sweden, 1st October 2016

After three days of extremely strong winds, often with rain from time to time, we were finally able to drop nets and get out for our last day of ringing at Getterön Fågelstation. We were joined by Jack who would be manning the station throughout October. He arrived after dark on the previous day, so setting up in the dark was his first chance to find out where the nets were and get an idea of the site in general.

We dropped nets to the sound of Robins ticking from the bushes and there were clearly birds around to be caught. All main nets were dropped. The Meadow Pipit net was taken down just before the bad weather started.

It was a steady morning with plenty of birds to keep us going until 13.00hrs. There was nothing really special but it was nice to see what will be our last Bramblings, Redstarts and Tree Sparrows for a while. None of these birds are caught at our usual sites. We also did the last of our two dominant species bringing Meadow Pipit to 426 and Reed Bunting to 396. There were 3504 new birds in total during our time as resident ringers.

Finally a new Yellow-browed Warbler was seen on the reserve late afternoon.

 Male Brambling

 Male Reed Bunting - one of 396

 Tree Sparrow

The 426th Meadow Pipit

Total: 166 (39)

Ängspiplärka/Meadow Pipit – 4
Gärdsmyg/Wren – 2
Järnsparv/Dunnock – 3 (1)
Rödhake/Robin – 46 (17)
Rödstjärt/Redstart - 0 (2)
Taltrast/Song Thrush – 1
Koltrast/Blackbird - 1
Rörsångare/Reed Warbler – 2
Trädgårdsångare/Garden Warbler – 0 (1)
Svarthätta/Blackcap – 55 (6)
Gransångare/Chiffchaff –  14 (2)
Kungsfågel/Goldcrest – 2 (1)
Skäggmes/Bearded Tit - 0 (4)
Blåmes/Blue Tit – 3 (4)
Talgoxe/Great Tit – 3 (1)
Stare/Starling - 1
Pilfink/Tree Sparrow - 1
Bofink/Chaffinch – 1
Bergfink/Brambling - 2
Grönfink/Greenfinch - 4
Sävsparv/Reed Bunting - 21

We have thoroughly enjoyed our time ringing at Getterön and would like to thank everyone who has helped us, either with ringing operations or with information for birding locally particularly Bo for allowing us the opportunity to come here and dropping in to extract before work some days, Margareta for helping with extracting, giving us the opportunity to do our only Swedish twitch when we succeeded in seeing Eagle Owl in Varberg town centre and many other things besides, particularly liaising with Bo Kanje who took us out in hopes of catching Pygmy Owl but also showed us areas where he rings nest-box and raptor pulli, as well as some interesting tourist sites. Also those who helped at the open day, Dirk and Maria for their advice as out going resident ringers and Stanley who showed us around when we arrived and helped us in the first few days.

If anyone is considering a month at this station in the autumn, do feel free to contact us if you have any questions or think that we may be able to help you decide whether this might be for you. We are contactable on facebook or at or

A last view of the obs, the lagoon and the fabulous mipit net.