Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Stanwell Moor - 27/28 August 2013

It being some time since we'd been at Stanwell in the evening, we arrived at 7pm to see what was happening at the site. GDB joined us and a 60ft net was swiftly put up in the filterbed area. We found that the reeds had again fallen across the path and ride but this didn't create too much of a problem and three further nets were erected. Unfortunately, one of the wooden pegs floated up from the lake bed and during our efforts to re-set the nets we ended up with the fixed post snapping off close to its base. The nets were clear at the time but we were sorting it out when a small group of swallows came for a look. Two Hobbies then took an interest in the small flock - and that was the last we saw of them. For all our effort we ended up with three Great Tits and two Chiffchaffs in the knowledge that the nights were really closing in and 7pm was really too late to start.
Chris decided to call back to do some 'gardening' on the 28th and caught a Cetti's and a Reed Warbler in one net while he did some site maintenance.

27/08 Totals: 4 (1)

Chiffchaff - 2
Great Tit - 2 (1)

28/08 Totals: 2

Cetti's Warbler - 1
Reed Warbler - 1