Thursday, 15 August 2013

Broadwater GP - 13 August 2013

After a few 4.30am alarm calls at Icklesham we decided to abandon an early start, drop our son at the station and then visit Broadwater to see if much was going on. We didn't have much expectation but went out of curiosity as to how the site would be used by birds at this time of year.

We put up a run of 5 and a couple of singles, one on the path where birds are regularly seen darting across and another among the buddleas. This area has been avoided up until now as the ground is too hard for pegging ( several areas of the site have areas of concrete where buildings have been removed and road sections that are impossible to penetrate) but there seemed to be a bit of activity so we improvised using chunks of concrete and gave it a go. The nets were all up by 9.30am.

Over the course of the morning we tried various different audio lures but Long-tailed tit was the one that really came up trumps. Although we didn't catch a single Lotti it proved a great attractant to Chiffs and Willow Warblers. The birds just kept coming and we didn't take down until after 2pm. The leading species was Chiff-chaff with a decent smattering of Willow Warblers including one with a ring from the Madrid (Icona) scheme.

 MT7828 Icona Madrid Age 4 Willow Warbler

One of three Garden Warblers

Juvenile Goldcrest

The warm temperatures and heat retaining substrate also encouraged some stunning insects to remain still long enough for a photo opportunity.

 Emperor Dragonfly

  Clouded Yellow Butterfly

Total: 84 (1)

Wren 3
Robin 6
Blackbird 1
Sedge Warbler 1
Reed Warbler 5
Lesser Whitethroat 1
Whitethroat 2
Garden Warbler 3
Blackcap 2
Willow Warbler 11 (1)
Chiff-chaff  40 
Goldcrest 1
Blue Tit 4
Great Tit 4