Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pendeen, Kenidjack, Sennen Cove and Hayle Estuary - 24 August 2013

We started the day at Pendeen. There was a northwesterly blow, less strong than when we were last here and a minimal chance of rain. There were fewer people to scan for passing seabirds and of course some time was given up to discussing the precise events of the day all but one dipped on Red-billed Tropicbird. We spent about three hours scanning the waves and saw hundreds of Manx Shearwater with some Sootys and Balearics. There were a few groups of Scoter and several Arctic Skuas but not a glimpse of Great or Cory's, even at a great distance off shore.
The coast at Pendeen

We then drove to Kenidjack. It's been years since we visited and although we saw nothing more interesting than a Buzzard, a Whitethroat and several Chiffchaff, it was extremely promising due to the open nature of the vegetation and definitely worth a look when migrants are about.

 Kenidjack valley

We then checked out Sennen Cove. Birds tend to collect in the area below the car park. Chris had a quick look but the only find was a Wheatear on the parking area.

 Northern Wheatear

 Sennen Cove directly below 'migrant trap' area.

The final stop off before driving back to Buckinghamshire was the Hayle Estuary. The tide was out and all the gulls were scattered over a wide area. A close check for anything out of the ordinary or wearing colour rings eventually turned up a Med Gull to round off our week spent in the West Country.

Mediterranean Gull