Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stanwell Moor - 8 June 2013

Another trip out with Phil, Josie and Nigel looking for chicks on and around the flash. We expected this to be the last try as no flying juvenile Lapwing had been seen and it seemed as though foraging foxes and crows had taken their toll. We saw some Redshank and Lapwing chicks before moving in but they quickly hunkered down and the two larger Redshanks went up with the adults, proving that at least some had made it to the stage where they could fly . Only one Lapwing chick was located for our initial efforts.

Chick number 1

We then spent some time watching the birds on the pool settle, but no small chicks came out and a near full grown Lapwing remained near the long grass, darting back in and becoming completely invisible when looked for.

A chick could be heard calling to our left and we were surprised, when it was found, at how far it was from the pool edge - closer to us than the pool infact . This little chuck still had the egg tooth in place.

Chick 2

The next find was of a nest with a newly hatch chick and another, still partly in the shell. Of course these were much too small to take a ring.

Chicks 3 & 4

On finding these siblings we swiftly departed, finding another chick too small to take a ring about half way between where we'd watched from and the cars, so perhaps another try might be worthwhile after all.