Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stanwell Moor - 5 June 2013

We assembled a team of six to have another look for wader chicks. Some were spotted from a distance but we were unable to tie them down on moving closer to them. We backed off and waited for the adults to return but the Lapwing took their time and just three chicks were seen scattered around the pool edge while the Redshank repeatedly returned and left, but still no chicks showed themselves. At one point there was much activity in the long grass as the birds appeared to be mobbing some threat that remained unseen by us. A second sweep where Lapwing chicks had been seen drew a blank. Finally, as we were gathering to leave, Chris found a single chick, in the open, hiding in plain sight.

When we arrived the pool was being graced by a fine male Garganey.

Lapwing chick