Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stanwell Moor - 15 June 2013

Yet another day too windy for mist netting, We decided to put in an hour or so to try for more chicks at the pool. A first scan of the pool appeared to show only one Little Ringed Plover chick and even after giving it quite a long time no more chicks revealled themselves. D homed in on a well grown chick by some short grass at the far end of the pool, only to find that it had already been ringed.

 LRP NS22981 on 10/06 and 15/06

On making my way back towards Chris, I found a well grown Lapwing chick in the grass. It was another chick that already had a ring.

Lapwing DE27586 on 8/06 and 15/06.

The LRP parents seemed to have other chicks but we couldn't spot any and were reluctant to walk the area too much. It seems that we tend to find the chicks usually hidden on the pool ( because we prefer to walk on the mud)  and consistently miss those secretted in the surrounding grass that grows longer on each visit and is now folded over onto itself.

Totals - 0 (2)

Little Ringed Plover - 0 (1)
Lapwing - 0 (1)