Thursday, 3 May 2012

Langley Park - 1 May 2012

We had an end of work outing to Langley Park with Mike Beatley with the aim of trying to catch a few of the resident breeding Jackdaws. Not the easiest of birds to catch, hence the zero catch apart from a single Jay that was daft enough to stray into the net and show Mike it's total disdain, leaving him bleeding. I had half thought of doing a RAS on them, but suspected getting 50 adults might be difficult, and going on today's catch we'd be there every day for a month and probably still struggle to get anywhere near 50! I suspect it would only be viable using nest boxes to maintain a decent quantity of adults. May try a couple of more times, but need a little better results than tonight to do it too often, not even a Blue Tit to keep you busy.