Sunday, 20 May 2012

Ivinghoe Beacon & Pitstone - 19 May 2012

After the morning ringing session, I disappeared, as it was for once a relatively warm afternoon with occasional sunny periods, to see what butterflies were on the wing at Ivinghoe Beacon. I managed to find five Duke of Burgundy's on the lower slopes together with an old warn Grizzled Skipper, four Dingy Skippers and a Holly Blue. A Tree Pipit was on territory in the usual bush on the higher slope.

 Duke of Burgundy

On the way back I quickly called in at Pitstone to see if I could find any Green Hairstreak which I was unable to find at Invingoe. None again, but a newly emerged Small Blue was found together with single Small Cooper and Small Heath, and a couple of Dingy Skippers.

Dingy Skipper

Small Blue

 Small Copper

Small Heath