Sunday, 20 May 2012

Black Park - 19 May 2012

We decided we would do a session at our winter Finch site in the local country park to at least do some monitoring on the breeding birds on the remaining heathland area. The catch was quite moderate with only fourteen birds, but apart from those on territory, not much was moving around. Unfortunately the Wood Lark that had been there the previous week was absent and no Crossbills were heard. I had thought they may have stayed in the park to breed this year, though it is possible they did, and have already moved on.

Odd morning for ducks, we had a pair of Mallard flying around for most of the morning, coming down in the main damp areas, then a flight of four Tufted went through twice, and coming back from a round we have a wet ditch 10 feet from ringing table, we flushed a pair of Mandarin that had landed in it whilst away going around the nets!

Willow Warbler

Totals 13 (1):

Robin - 0 (1)
Dunnock - 1
Blackbird - 1
Whitethroat - 3
Blackcap - 1
Willow Warbler - 5
Great Tit - 2