Wednesday, 1 December 2021

Wells-next-the-sea - 30th November 2021

 We only stopped for a latte, but as I scurried through the rain with disposable cups in hand, I just happened to notice the glint of a metal ring on a Black-headed gull perched on the guard rail. Swiftly I left Chris with the beverages, and camera in hand set about capturing the entire number sequence.



      Black-headed Gull
       (Chroicocephalus ridibundus)    


Ring no:


Ringing details
Age: 3 Sex: U Sex meth: U P.ringed: 0 P.alive: 0 Condition: U
Colour marks added: - Metal marks added: N Act1: U Act2: U
Ringing date: 23-Nov-2013 12:30:00
Reg code: - Place code: WES Site name: Westport LakeStaffordshire, UK
County code: GBSTA Grid ref: SJ8550 Accuracy 0 - Co-ords: 53deg 2min N -2deg -13min W 

Biometrics: Wing: 302.0 mm. Weight: - g. Time: 12:30:00hrs

Finding details
Ring not Verified Age: 8 Sex: U Sex meth: U
Colour marks added: - Metal marks added: - Act1: U Act2: U
Finding date: 30-Nov-2021 12:00:00
Reg code: - Place code: - Site name: HolkhamNorfolk, UK
County code: GBNOR Grid ref: TF9143 Accuracy - - Co-ords: 52deg 57min N 0deg 51min E Accuracy -
Hab1: H3 Hab2: H1
Biometrics: Wing: - mm. Weight: - g. Time: -hrs
Finding condition: 89:28 Movement: 9
Sight record by a ringer Metal Ring Read In Field
Remarks: -
Duration: 2929 days Distance: 206 km Direction: 94deg (E)

It's nice to get a bird ringed in 2013 that has no other observations.