Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Cley and Salthouse - 7th December 2021

With Storm Barra approaching from the west, we took the opportunity to get out before the wind and rain set in.

Our first stop was Cley beach where there was very little on the sea and just a few Turnstone and gulls milling along the tideline. There was also a Grey Plover. The Grey seals were close in shore, one even hauled out briefly.

Next stop Arnold's marsh. It was striking how few birds were there, plenty of ducks including Pintail but a lot of the wading birds had moved off. Walking east along the beach, we located the Iceland gull feeding on a seal pup carcass that was down to bare bones.

1st winter Iceland gull

Before setting back home ahead of the rain, a visit to Salthouse duck pond confirmed juvenile Mute swan 4ERJ still present with parents. The gulls were all extremely hungry and amongst the melee competing for a few scraps that we'd brought was a colour ringed gull. The code J925 was on a white plastic ring showing signs of wear with a section missing from the lower edge. The metal ring was also observed in entirety, 6205267, Stavanger, Norway. This is the first time it has been recorded here this winter and it is a regular at the duck pond with records dating back to 2014.

The darvic was applied in 2013 so a little wear is not surprising.