Thursday, 6 July 2017

Chobham Common - 4th July 2017

We continued our focus on the common, this time switching our strategy from three nets and moving them frequently to nine static nets. The idea had been to see which method worked best, however there was very little on the move today with the common very quiet in general.

It seemed as though the effort of hauling the extra kit to and from the site was actually worse than continually setting up and taking down nets. But Chris and I think that had bird movements been the same as on our last session we would probably have caught more with the static set up. The down side being much worsened aches and pains from dragging the trolley and carrying other equipment

3JJ Stonechat

 5M Stonechat

A return in the evening joined by WA, although at least three birds were present in our immediate area, and other calling more distantly, was unsuccessful.

Total: 6 (1)

Wren - 0 (1)
Dartford Warbler - 4
Stonechat - 2