Thursday, 4 May 2017

Staines Moor & Reservoir - April 2017

We've made several visits to these two locations over the last week. The moor is a good place to see common migrants and we hoped to see Wheatear passing through the site. We haven't and are wondering whether the grass is just a bit too long. On our first try Chris thought he heard a snatch of Grasshopper Warbler song from the area of the board walk from Stanwell, but the song was not repeated. Later a bird was reported from that same area and in spite of return visits we didn't manage to see or hear it again.

One corner of the moor seems to be particularly attractive to butterflies and we managed to get a few shots.

Green-veined White

Male Orange tip

Today, the 23rd, we managed to hear and see Grasshopper Warbler on the moor proper.

Even though we still haven't seen Wheatear there, we have now seen all common migrants (although not all in the UK) with the exception of Garden Warbler, and one of those is bound to crop up sooner or later.

The River Colne at Staines Moor

 Grey Heron (CL)

Reed Bunting male (CL)

The reservoir has had some good birds of late, Great Northern Diver, Black-necked Grebe, Arctic Terns and Little Gulls - usually a long way off and not due to this, not photographed.

The gull raft was quite close though, allowing us to get a good image and read darvic 23K1.

Black-headed Gulls Staines Res (23K1 on back edge in centre)