Sunday, 28 May 2017

Delaware Bay, New Jersey - Cannon netting 11th and 12th May 2017

At the start of our visit we were fortunate enough to get out on the first two catches of the season. The first was at the South Reeds Beach where over 200 Red Knot were measured, ringed,tagged and feather samples taken for DNA analysis. There were also 40 or so Sanderling. Chris and I were fortunate to be placed in Clive Minton's group with Clive fitting tags and taking feather samples, Chris scribing, Angela Clive's sister ringing, Renn weighing and completing DNA bags and myself taking wing, bill and head & bill measurements.

Processing the catch with Renn and Clive.

Three groups process the birds. 

Red Knot (Calidiris canutus)

Sanderling (Calidiris alba)

The second catch focused on Ruddy Turnstone. The net was set just a few metres from the main house and birds were so keen to feed that firing took place within 15 minutes. Birds were processed on the house deck in very difficult, windy conditions. No photographs were taken. My team consisted of Clive, Jenny (PhD student), Patti (Citizens United), Joanna Burger (Professor). Chris worked in a team that included Larry Niles, the project organiser.

After these first two catches we became dedicated resighters, collecting data on what flagged birds were present, when and where they could be found.