Thursday, 17 November 2016

Cyprus - Evretou Dam - 17th November 2016

The problem with getting into a routine, is that the internal alarm often works even if the one set for 5am is switched off. We were back rather late last night and didn't intend to go ringing this morning - but at 4.45am we were both fully awake - so got up and went out for the morning as the wind was so low.

Last time we worked this site we found most of the pipits and wagtails absent, but got good numbers of Chiffchaff in the weedy areas. Today, the Chiffchaff had by and large been and gone. There seemed to be fewer Stonechat about, but that may have simply been due to less activity without so many migrating birds moving through.

3M Bluethroat 

Wood Lark (aged 2)

Meadow Pipit aged 3

This time we got a few more Serin, only a couple of Meadow Pipit, some Sardinian Warblers, an unexpected Wood Lark and another Bluethroat.

Yet another example of random ploughing, this time at Evretou.

Three Quail were flushed in the direction of the net, but they went to ground and evaded capture.


Wood Lark - 1
Meadow Pipit -2
White Wagtail - 1
Bluethroat - 1
Stonechat - 1
Cetti's Warbler - 2
Fan-tailed Warbler - 1
Sardinian Warbler - 4
Chiffchaff - 1
Serin - 5

In the afternoon. after failing to see the Dusky Warbler at Gouda for a second time in spite of hearing it, we took a walk up Avakas Gorge. There were  still Robins around, alough there seemed to be less than on the last visit, a lot of Black Redstart on the upper slopes, a Peregrine and a couple of Wallcreepers.

Rather distant record shot - Wallcreeper