Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Cyprus Anarita Park and Arminou Dam - 8th November 2016

8th November

This morning was spent at Anarita Park, where it wasn’t long before the wind got up and made the nets far too visible in the bright light. We had only just set four singles when a herd of goats came through, sending us dashing to nets and pushing them up before they came to any harm.

We managed a very modest catch of nine birds, over half being Sardinian Warblers, with a couple of Spectacled Warblers and one Cyprus Warbler. We were surprised to catch a Whitethroat, not only because it had not moved on, but also for the large amount of fat that it was carrying giving a weight of 20g. Several Woodlark were present,  as was a Sparrowhawk and two Finsch’s  Wheatear.
Anarita Park

3M Spectacled Warbler

 3M Sardinian Warbler showing moult limits


 3F Spectacled Warbler

 3F Cyprus Warbler

Total: 9

Sardinian Warbler – 5
Cyprus Warbler - 1
Spectacled Warbler – 2
Whitethroat – 1

In the afternoon we took a run up to Arminou Dam, hoping to find water in the stream bed, beside the track, below the dam. It was wet but we didn’t catch particularly well. In fact, a female Blackcap was the most memorable bird with a fat score of seven, weighing in at 29.5g. A flock of finches further along the track may tempt us back for another try, although they may not be there next time we go.
A Blackbird was seen along the track and a Water Rail gave very good views.

Water Rail

Total: 5

Cetti’s Warbler – 1
Blackcap – 2
Serin – 2