Friday, 28 February 2014

Iver Heath garden - February 2014

Things started to pick up this month as Siskins returned to the garden to utilise the sunflower hearts. The number of Siskins processed over the month totalled 37 new birds, compared to one in January, with one re-trap of a bird we did in 2012 and another UK control. Unfortunately we are competing with our neighbour who also has feeders out as well, just underneath a large laurel and the birds seem to prefer these as they offer more immediately available cover and I suspect the net is a bit of a distraction for them as well.

Totals (Feb) : 63 (5)

Robin - 2 (1)
Goldcrest - 0 (1)
Blue Tit - 9 (1)
Starling - 4
Goldfinch - 9
Siskin - 37 (2)
Lesser Redpoll - 2