Sunday, 16 February 2014

Bletchingley - 16 February 2014

After what seems like an awfully long time when it has been impossible to ring due to adverse weather, we finally spotted an opportunity when reduced wind speed allowed us the chance to get nets up provided the site was sufficiently sheltered.

We returned to our friends' garden in Bletchingley and erected four nets around the many and varied feeders in the garden.

As expected, there was plenty for us and JH ( assisted by Allison) to do and we completed having processed in excess of 180 birds.

Amongst the retrapped tits were 4 Blue Tits and 3 Great Tits that were first ringed on 25th March 2012. Nuthatch 4M TJ77614 and Great Spotted Woodpecker 6F LC56807 were from 9th December 2012.

 One of several Starlings on the day.
Note the pinkish hue to the lower mandible.
It's a girl!

Many thanks to Ralph and Pat for their hospitality.

Totals:  148  (37)

Ring-necked Parakeet - 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker -  6 (2)
Blackbird - 1
Dunnock -  1(2)
Robin - 8
Blue Tit -    71 (24)
GreatTit - 26 (8)
Nuthatch - 1(1) 
Starling - 7
Chaffinch - 6
Goldfinch - 14
Lesser Redpoll - 6