Thursday, 26 December 2013

Stanwell Moor - 26 December 2013

After an absence in the field due to the rather poor weather we managed a run out to Stanwell Moor today, where on a previous field visit around 50 Meadow Pipits were present, about 20 Sky Lark plus a couple of Jack Snipe.

The site was very wet and the flood plain area around the mounds were, as their design suggest under a fair bit of water. As we set up around 150 Fieldfare were twoing and froing, always at a great height between the berry bushes alongside the M25 and the surrounding high trees, with a few Meadow Pipits calling. Nets set, and we waited and waited, despite a tape on for Redwing, a few came and looked at the nets and went, Meadow Pipits seemed in short supply, a walk with a hand net failed to capture the two flushed Jack Snipe, but around midday a few Meadow Pipits dropped in and we managed in the end six, one being a retrap from November, which based on previous Meadow Pipit re-trap rates was in it's self a success. A quick look for the Bittern as we left failed to produce it, but the reed/carr ride was under water due to the continuous rain we all have had.

We also got chance to test the new cars 4x4 capabilities!

The flood plain areas seems worthy of a lamping attempt at some stage for Snipe and Jack Snipe, when we get the enthusiasm for it.

Totals: 5 (1)

Meadow Pipit - 5 (1)