Sunday, 15 December 2013

Chobham Common - 10 December 2013

Another visit, this time just with EP,  and the first heavy frost of the year, which had not been evident at home. The frost went pretty quick, but a lack of sun meant everything got fairly damp as it thawed.


We set up the same as last time but used larger mesh nets 20*20 this time and added an extra one to them, and set a single 60 in a slight dip.

The catch pretty well mirrored last time with a few Lesser Redpoll and Redwing, a Dartford was seen coming to the tape lure, but failed to cross the net area, a second was heard and a Stonechat seen. Three Reed Buntings were an additional species on this outing.

 Trainee learning how to scribe

 Redwing 3 with juvenile Tertials on the left, 
adult on the left on the right

Totals: 32

Wren - 1
Redwing - 9
Blue Tit - 11
Great Tit - 5
Lesser Redpoll - 3
Reed Bunting - 3