Saturday, 5 January 2013

Beaconsfield Motorway Services - 4 January 2013

The team arranged to meet at 3.30pm to try for Wagtails and were treated to a view of 28 Waxwings in the tall trees around the services perimeter.

We quickly put up a 60ft net in front of the roost trees and hastily put on a sound box, playing Waxwing (just in case), while we erected a couple of double panels behind the main roost trees. Of course, the Waxwings departed leaving us to the Wagtails and as the light failed the Pied Wagtails congregated on the roof before flying in to roost.

The double panels worked well and increased the number of birds caught to 26. Unfortunately, one bird could not be ringed due to deformation of both feet. It was interesting to find that several birds exceeded the expected weight on IPMR Apparently the feeding must be quite good on the nearby refuse tip.

Total: 25

Pied Wagtail - 25