Wednesday, 15 February 2012

West London run around - 8 February 2012

With the effects of the current weather making a bit of local birding potentially worth while I had a run around some of the West London reservoirs and adjacent areas. I started off at Queen Mother Res where the Great Northern Diver was still present, followed by 15 Smew at Wraysbury GP, then Staines Res where there were three Black-necked Grebes, two Smew, two male Scaups and the Shag still present. Another attempt was then made for Whiet-winged Gulls with visits to hedgerley and Knowl Hill lnadfill sites, both failing to produce any of the target Gulls, but two Caspians at Hedgerley and a single at Knowl Hill. A couple of colour rings were picked up at Hedgerley, one from the North Thames Gull Group and another from the Severn Gull Group. A retunr visit to the Gull roost at Queen Mother Res, again also failed to produce any white-winged Gulls.