Sunday, 15 May 2022

Farm in West Norfolk - 11th May 2022

At a farm in West Norfolk today saw the first of our three section nest boxes put up at the open barn. There are Tree Sparrows around, but the existing nest boxes, well out of reach and in need of a little maintenance, do not seem to be in use currently. We suspect that the hedgerows are the current favoured nesting spot and although we do not expect birds to use the new boxes this breeding season, they will be available in years to come. Hopefully, the vertical and horizontal ternion boxes that Peter has made, will tempt them to adopt these sturdy new nesting sites communally.

The first triple section box is up! 

It was not possible to fix into the girder. Additional wire
will be used to further secure the unit.

Moving on to the closed in barn, it was not possible to check boxes on the side housing cattle, although no birds were seen to use these boxes during our check. In the barn, boxes have been fixed to the wooden upper section with the entrance through open slats. Of the checked boxes only two showed evidence of previous use. The only occupied box housed Great Tits with very recently hatched young.