Sunday 21 October 2012

Apple Day at Home Cottage Farm - 20 October 2012

Apple day is a national event to promote apple varieties and orchards all over the country and for the third time we had been invited to do a ringing demonstration for the public.
Chris and I were due to meet Roger and Margaret at 7am but it wasn't long before they were on their way home again after Roger slipped and hurt his back before getting out of the car park.

We erected nets in orchard and woodland habitats and had ringed 10 Goldcrests before our second wave, Peter, Kenny and Sarah arrived at 9am. The final nets were put up around some garden feeders and our stand was decked out with posters, pamphlets, a display of local ringing information  and some examples of rings. Liz joined us later after helping to make Roger comfortable at home.The official opening time was 11am but we were visited by stall holders from the time that they started to arrive.

The morning started well considering the numbers of people around, and the considerable noise created by the talloy system. We had a stream of Goldcrests and Blue Tits for people to watch being ringed. There were also some larger species that really wowed the public.

Many thanks to those who volunteered and helped to make the day a very enjoyable success.


 Jay (aged 4)

Adult Blue Tit showing plumage damage to primary and secondary feathers of left wing

Totals: 64 (8)

Green Woodpecker -  0 (1) re-trap
Robin - 3
Blackbird - 2
Goldcrest - 30
Long-tailed Tit - 0 (2) re-traps
Coal Tit - 3
Blue Tit - 16 (5)
Great Tit - 4
Nuthatch - 2
Jay -3
Lesser Redpoll - 1

Blue Tit X762240 was 1st rung on 12/7/2009.
Green Woodpecker DD34382 was ringed on 19/12/2009. This is the fourth time it has been processed.