Thursday, 29 June 2017

Broadwater GP - 24th June 2017

Accompanied by MRB and Margaret we visited our key Colne Valley Ringing Group site to prepare for the coming months.

There was a minor amount of clearing to be done but the main issue was the appearance of tyre tracks off the main track through one of our monitoring areas with the removal of several bushes. The site is also used by a fishing club and over the last couple of years they have started bringing vehicles out of their car park and through the site.

We renewed the ties, set up eight nets and rearranged some debris to form a barrier to section off our monitoring area.

We started with the surprise capture of a Chiffchaff flock. We expected our catch rate to be low so this really boosted our numbers. The birds continued to trickle in with a young Treecreeper and Reed Warbler, some young Blackcaps and Robins and adult Garden Warbler and Blackbirds.

3J Reed Warbler

We finished on 29 new birds with three recaptures.

Totals: 29 (3)
Wren - 1
Dunnock  - 1
Robin -   4 (1)
Blackbird - 3
Reed Warbler - 1
Garden Warbler - 1
Blackcap - 3
Chiffchaff  -   11
Great Tit - 2
Blue Tit -    1 (2)
Treecreeper - 1