Monday, 6 March 2017

Truss's Island, Thames at Windsor, Bury Lake & Ruislip Lido - 4th March 2017

The weather has been against us, what with wind and rain ringing has been impossible at our sites for quite a while now. We have been out a couple of times looking for metal ringed birds and today we decided to do some local sites where we could collect Darvic and metal rings on Mute Swans. We started at Truss's Island where there are many regular Darvic ringed sans and also recorded some BTO metal rings, taking particular efforts with the birds with two metal rings having been caught for swan upping.

The result of our efforts was close to 100 records.

We also managed to catch up an unringed swan with fishing line wrapped around one foot. The leg was swollen with the line digging in quite severely. The bird was released once the line had been removed.

 Truss's Island Staines

It took several photos of the upside down metal ring on this Black-headed Gull but the full number was recorded eventually.

EX42797 Ruislip Lido

Total: 0 (95)

Mute Swan - 0 (92)
Canada Goose - 0 (2)
Black-headed Gull - 0 (1)