Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Black Park - 8 November 2013

There have been no visits since February, mainly due to last winter's programme of work to clear parts of the heathland of less desirable plants and, more widely, many of the more mature trees. The trees lining the stream that runs by the area where nets were usually set have been severely reduced and for this reason it was felt that the area was best left over the summer.

From the time we arrived, there were small bands of finches flying overhead and one was enticed down to net level and caught, but the usual trail of birds moving along the stream was no longer. We did have one visit from a tit flock but they, unusually, came across the heathland, hoping from isolated tree to isolated tree. We finished early as the drizzle began to close in.

3M Lesser Redpoll

Totals: 15
Wren - 2
Goldcrest -4
Blue Tit -3
Long-tailed Tit -5
Lesser Redpoll - 1