Friday, 22 February 2013

Beaconsfield Motorway Services – 19 February 2013

We were joined by PD, MRB, MB and LH to give it another try, if only to confirm that the birds have now changed where they roost and monitoring is becoming less productive. We were met with a huge lorry parked along the catching line so were only able to put a 60’ in, along with two three panels on the opposite side of the coach park. The numbers on the roof were building up nicely when a sizable group, as seen previously, headed off in the direction of some quite substantial conifers close to the services entrance. Those birds left milled about on the tarmac, but were very aware of the net and only 2 (both 5F) were caught. The bonus to ringing here is that Starbucks is so convenient and we all enjoyed a hot beverage before heading home.