Saturday, 15 December 2012

Queen Mother Reservoir - 14 December 2012

With the Buff-bellied Pipit being found at Queen Mother reservoir the day before, being only five or so miles from home, a visit could not be avoided. After ensuring it was still there, which also ensured the forecast rain was by now coming down, I plodded around the the three and half miles around the reservoir. The Pipit was actually not that far from the car park, just past the pier, and was very confiding allowing views as fed on the reservoir bank just a few feet away. As usual I did not take a camera, as often happens and this has resulted in missing some good close photo opportunities. A wader around in cold heavy rain also produced a first year Red-necked Grebe and the Long-tailed Duck. Not an overly pleasant walk in those conditions but at least I did not do it in a T-shirt carrying a back pack weighted with 50kg - as my youngest did as part of his getting fit regime - and I thought I was mad walking around with a scope in those conditions!