Sunday, 18 November 2012

Black Park Country Park - 16 November 2012

We drove to the heathland area, where we ring, through an area being used by Pinewood Studios. There was a great deal of artificial lighting, many people standing around in fluorescent jackets and notices to warn of the likelihood of gunfire that was purely artificial.

We were concerned that the activity may affect our ringing and as it turned out we were right. We saw a few small flocks of Siskin but Crossbill were heard only once and Redpoll were even less in evidence. It seemed fairly quiet ( in bird terms) all morning and this was not helped when there was filming involving gunfire within earshot.

Although the birds were few and far between it was nice to see Y334679, a bird that had been ringed on 29th January and erroneously recorded as being female at that time. He is now sporting plumage that most definitely shows him to be male, and he has taken up with a young female!

Totals: 10 (1)

Blackbird - 1
Goldcrest - 6
Blue Tit - 1
Long-tailed Tit -1
Lesser Redpoll - 1(1)