Saturday, 29 September 2012

Stanwell Moor - 27 September 2012

We made a quick trip to the gravel pit to monitor the water level at the pool in the meadow, and since we were there decided to erect a few nets for the roost, just on the off chance.

While I looked after the nets, Chris went to see how much water the recent downpour had topped up the pool. The level had definitely risen but no waders or duck were present.

Meanwhile, I watched the sky for signs of potential roostees, but it seemed the Starlings now favour an alternative site and the few Swallows that were seen to pay any attention soon moved on. As the light began to fail and gulls passed overhead on their way to roost, the only birds captured were a Robin, Cetti's Warbler and a Swallow.

Totals : 3

Swallow - 1
Robin - 1
Cetti's Warbler -1