Sunday, 18 March 2012

Weston Shore - 17 March 2012

A run down to Weston Shore to Farlington RG for a hoped Brent Goose catch was met with rain just south of Basingstoke that was still coming down at Weston. Unfortunately on top of the rain we failed to get a catch as part from an odd couple of Brents that did not stay long enough, the big flock did not turn up until the tide had go out too far. Plus the group of twenty off Turnstone that had been manoeuvred toward the net would not go in front of it due to the presence of half of dozen or more Crows and turned back with a couple walking over the net. There was some discussion about leaving the net set for high tide in the afternoon but due to the fact too many of us had pm commitments we had to call it day.

We got home to find our pm commitment had fallen through so I took a walk around Queen Mother Res to walk off the stress of ME accident traffic crawl, with an hour and a half not getting above 20. The Iceland Gull came into roots again, the Great Northern was still there and I managed to grab a brief view of my first Wheatear of the spring as it flew over the reservoir.