Sunday, 18 December 2011

Stanwell Moor ringing site - 17 December 2011

We originally planned to go to Black Park today, but for various reasons decided not to. I did drop in briefly to top up a feeder we had left last week, and hardly any use of it had been made, with it being still more or less full, so the decision not to go might not have been such a bad one in the end. In the afternoon, just out of curiosity and to get out of the house, we made a late visit to Stanwell, setting just two nets in the Willow/reed area to see what was coming into roost. In fact as we found out, very little with just two birds being caught, though a flock of about 15 Fieldfare flew across, fast just above net height. A Peregrine was hunting over the site for a while disturbing the Lapwings.


Wren -1
Reed Bunting -1